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Week 24 or Week 187.2

Posted by linda on August 25, 2011

I love celebrations!  Lately I’ve had a lot to celebrate, getting engaged, moving to the North Bay, Kathleen’s birthday today (see above: delicious cookies and a rose from Keela’s garden), and my new role as Central’s Studio Manager.  Not quite 3 weeks in and I feel right at home. There’s a lot to do and I’m looking forward to helping Damien and Keela with their to do lists and making things as easy as possible within operations.

It’s my Friday today.  I’m off for a three day weekend to do restoration work on my engagement ring, a 1974 Rally Vespa.  It’s been in the design community for quite some time, handed down to me by a former IDEO colleague and renamed “Poppy”.  The intent was to drive it a year and then restore it but once I took one piece off I couldn’t stop. Now we have 5 boxes of parts and one frame ready for metal work.  Another plus to the long weekend is driving my other baby, a ’76 Stingray, for one last road trip before she’s stored for the next year.  Side note:  I’m working on getting a company field trip to Laguna Seca for a Skip Barber day of racing.

I’m very excited to be here.  I look forward to more birthdays, more cookies, more laughs, more debates on whether or not we should remove the espresso machine and many more posts!  Now back to the bills!