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week 202

Posted by linda on December 01, 2011

Really? We have only 2 weeks left before the holiday break?  Crazy doesn’t even begin to explain what our to-do lists look like.  The Toolkit took a holiday break but now it’s back and in need of attention, year end accounting wants some love as well, early next week we have Tinkering Monkey coming in to install what should be an awesome railing system for our foam core boards, I need quotes for a mini remodel project, we’re all researching for different projects, I’m grant searching on another, working on the operations manual and I still have to make my holiday cards!  I know my mind is racing and looking over at Keela she’s so busy her eyes remind me of a Kit Cat clock. But we’re getting things done, checking them off our lists slowly one by one.  But this week is different, this week we are plus one!

Monday we welcomed Maria to the team as our new Central Intern.  We are so excited to have her with us. She’s settling in nicely by buying Oreos and drinking espresso, but she’s also a mad researcher. I mean it, she’s currently glued to the monitor not noticing anything around her.  Oh and another great quality of hers is that she’s a great tree scout.

Look at this perfection.  Marvel at the great lines.  Envy the fine craftswomanship of the ornaments.  On a randome note: Maria and I learned how to maximize the holiday smell that comes from a tree.  Since the smell originates from the sap one can score or break open the sap bumps.  The tree will “weep”(now this sounds sad) and emit a strong tree smell. Instant holiday warm and fuzzy feeling.

Since my to-do list is getting longer I need to get back to it.  But after last weeks introduction to the new (morbid) project management tool I want to leave you with another warm and fuzzy feeling. Warning you might need to have tissues nearby. It’s the story of Lab Pups getting their first taste of freedom .  I hope this some how counteracts our new Central Project Management Tool.

Have a great holiday.  2012 is going to be amazing.