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Week 193

Posted by linda on September 29, 2011

My Autumn decorations are out so where’s my Fall weather?

The last few days included copious amounts of spread sheeting, making sure our contractor doesn’t melt, ordering supplies, errand running, furniture moving, assembly, and repair.  The plants that needed it have larger pots and one in particular is much happier now that I know it needs more watering.  On Tuesday there was a scheduled fire in the Marin Headlands.  We didn’t hear about this so naturally Keela and I went into emergency evacuation mode, we didn’t evacuate far, just to the front door.  It brought up the question of whether or not we should have a Central boat.  I think we should.  It took awhile but the office no longer smells like a campfire.

Everyone is heads down, busy mousing and typing away on projects.  At my desk, I am once again diving into the world of twitter.  It’s been over 2 years since I’ve logged into my account and apparently I have forgotten how to speak the language.  At times it’s exciting but it’s similar to driving a race car one can’t get too comfortable or the car can get away from you, you have stay alert.  I’m sure my other half will enjoy me staying plugged in more than normal.

I’m also excited to be ordering more squiggle tees.  We’re ordering a limited amount in navy blue with an orange squiggle.  Hopefully I can figure out how to add them to the website next week.  In the meantime check out the store, we still have a few sizes available.

This weekend is the Hoe’s Down festival in Capay Valley.  There will be camping, a farmer’s market, a giant hay maze, farm animals, tours of the farm and much more.  I’ll be camping for the weekend in their walnut orchard and sneaking a few giant heirloom tomatoes before I go!  If you love local food I highly recommend visiting the farm.  Farmers from the Capay Valley will be in attendance not just Full Belly, it’s a great opportunity to see exactly where your food comes from and personally say thank you.