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Week 196

Posted by linda on October 20, 2011

As I get my weeknotes ready the espresso machine hums in the background. The printer is churning out toolkit proofs for Keela to review and Christy’s fingers are feverishly typing away on her laptop.  The weather is thankfully cooler now.  I welcome the fog since the A/C is confused and against my wishes (and relentless button pushing) pumps out heat.  As a result our contractor melted.  Sorry Tom.  I’m sure I’ll soon hear the hum of space heaters and the clicks of resetting circuit breakers.  Maybe we should have a Squiggle hoodie?  Which brings me to some cool news!

New Squiggle T’s are here!!  Check them out, orange squiggle on a navy background, looks really good.  Sizes are limited to women’s medium and x-large.  For the men we have large, x-large and a few xx-larges available. We haven’t updated the store to show the orange squiggle T or that we have the XL sizes available so please make sure to leave me a comment on your order that you want the orange squiggle and size if it’s one of the XL or XXL.

In other news, if you follow us you know we’ve been helping out with the Alan Turing documentary.  There’s been a lot of interesting events since our last mention of Turing.  Recently Warner Bros. outbid others for the rights to the script and Leonardo DiCaprio is most likely to play Alan Turing.  I’m really excited to hear this because it reminds me of another film DiCaprio acted in that increased the popularity of other documentaries *cough* Titanic *cough*.  I remember weeks after I watched the movie I sought real stories, real footage and pictures from that time. I was glued to the History channel, Discovery and even got a sneak peak at one of the largest complete hull pieces of the ship when it came through San Francisco.  Hopefully the movie will do the same for the Turing documentary.

Okay that’s it for now…time to go back to work.

Week 193

Posted by linda on September 29, 2011

My Autumn decorations are out so where’s my Fall weather?

The last few days included copious amounts of spread sheeting, making sure our contractor doesn’t melt, ordering supplies, errand running, furniture moving, assembly, and repair.  The plants that needed it have larger pots and one in particular is much happier now that I know it needs more watering.  On Tuesday there was a scheduled fire in the Marin Headlands.  We didn’t hear about this so naturally Keela and I went into emergency evacuation mode, we didn’t evacuate far, just to the front door.  It brought up the question of whether or not we should have a Central boat.  I think we should.  It took awhile but the office no longer smells like a campfire.

Everyone is heads down, busy mousing and typing away on projects.  At my desk, I am once again diving into the world of twitter.  It’s been over 2 years since I’ve logged into my account and apparently I have forgotten how to speak the language.  At times it’s exciting but it’s similar to driving a race car one can’t get too comfortable or the car can get away from you, you have stay alert.  I’m sure my other half will enjoy me staying plugged in more than normal.

I’m also excited to be ordering more squiggle tees.  We’re ordering a limited amount in navy blue with an orange squiggle.  Hopefully I can figure out how to add them to the website next week.  In the meantime check out the store, we still have a few sizes available.

This weekend is the Hoe’s Down festival in Capay Valley.  There will be camping, a farmer’s market, a giant hay maze, farm animals, tours of the farm and much more.  I’ll be camping for the weekend in their walnut orchard and sneaking a few giant heirloom tomatoes before I go!  If you love local food I highly recommend visiting the farm.  Farmers from the Capay Valley will be in attendance not just Full Belly, it’s a great opportunity to see exactly where your food comes from and personally say thank you.





So where is that Designer’s Guide to Brand Strategy PDF?

Posted by Damien on June 21, 2011

We moved things around a bit, and we’re looking for possible places for the shop as well as other things we make ourselves. But for the moment, everything that used to be available, still is on our old site. Yes- that is perhaps a bit confusing. We actually have three versions of this web site, but that is meant for posterity rather than obfuscation.

So the shop is temporarily on the old version of the site: but still the same great service. Same great products.

So if you’d like the Designer’s Guide to Brand Strategy, head on over here to buy or download half of it for free.

Go here for T Shirts.

or here for Green Pads

or here for the seductive half-sized Pink Pads.

We’re running out of T Shirts and pads faster than we thought we would. Which is nice, so we’ll keep you posted if stocks get too low.

Thanks for understanding.