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So where is that Designer’s Guide to Brand Strategy PDF?

Posted by Damien on June 21, 2011

We moved things around a bit, and we’re looking for possible places for the shop as well as other things we make ourselves. But for the moment, everything that used to be available, still is on our old site. Yes- that is perhaps a bit confusing. We actually have three versions of this web site, but that is meant for posterity rather than obfuscation.

So the shop is temporarily on the old version of the site: but still the same great service. Same great products.

So if you’d like the Designer’s Guide to Brand Strategy, head on over here to buy or download half of it for free.

Go here for T Shirts.

or here for Green Pads

or here for the seductive half-sized Pink Pads.

We’re running out of T Shirts and pads faster than we thought we would. Which is nice, so we’ll keep you posted if stocks get too low.

Thanks for understanding.