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Really Simple Update

Posted by Damien on November 01, 2012

We’re not closed. Just preoccupied with a number of things, ranging from research, organizing, planning, teaching, personal stuff and looking forward to the New Year. Yes, I did see a Christmas commercial on TV last week.

In spite of our silence here on this blog, we still get questions and requests for work in the form of emails and calls. We also receive resumes, as well as internship and job requests. All which we enjoy getting. We like the attention, but also really like to help out. If you’ve not been getting the prompt reply you thought you’d get from us, then we do apologize, these last few months haven’t been normal for us.

I’m very excited about the new projects and directions we’re working on (albeit very slowly right now), and will be revealing them in the New Year. If we need any help, we’ll definitely check the resumes we have on file, and be posting what we’re looking for on here.

Until the next time,