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Design Coordinator Position Available

Posted by Damien on May 16, 2011

We’re looking for a Design Coordinator. Not your average garden variety of coordinator but the super, rockstar coordinator who can seamlessly move between design functions and project management. The one that goes beyond ticking off to-do lists and owns the problem or task at hand and can handle pretty much anything. And sees it as fun to do so.

You’ll be the kind of person who has a passion for design, in the broad sense, and understands the process of creativity and the kinds of activities that are involved within it. You’ll likely want to be responsible for managing that process and the teams that deliver truly creative design solutions. But for now, you’ll be wanting to learn the design process and work assisting a design manager and designer in their work in order to do so. You’ll probably be really interested in Design Management and Leadership as a possible path to progress in.

You’ll be a master at design production, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign. And you’ll have battle scars from production workflow experience to prove it, that you’ll be able to refer to like Dreyfuss and Shaw do together in Jaws. You’ll also have an innate sense of planning and managing people, which you’ll be able to apply to handling a very wide array of projects and tasks. You’ll be an expert at getting things done, not just by task but also by goal. You’ll understand how to prioritize, organize and work with a team to get things done.

And if that isn’t enough, you’ll also have a burning desire to learn. Not just the way we do things here, at an intensely creative studio, but about the topics we work within. Some days, you’ll find yourself trying to collect everything there is on Urban acupuncture, and how the Melbourne Principles have been applied to built projects. Another day, you’ll be researching everything relevant to fundraising for a documentary. Or we need a very specific photograph of an elephant. It’s hard to explain just how diverse things could get here. Our projects tend to be very long, a year or two in length and thus we get very deep into the subject matter of our work at hand.

If you sound anything like this, you’ll fit in perfectly. You’ll love working here. You’ll have everything you’ll want to enjoy doing so as well as a large impact on a small growing studio.

So don’t hesitate to drop us a line. But wait- to do so, you must write us a cover letter, include your resume and some way to show examples of your work. And most importantly, you must be local. We can’t, and won’t be able to respond to people who are out of town. It’s a shame, but we’re not in a position to relocate. This is a in-house position, full-time. Write to jobs [at] centralstory dot com.