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Calling for Entries: Have you used the Squiggle?

Posted by Damien on October 28, 2011

You may have noticed, we have three live sites for Central right now. Version 1 and Version 2 besides this one. This was born from the idea that Weightshift would collaborate with us annually to redesign our look in line with our developments. In this latest temporary site we lost the Squiggle page and so we’re going to make one now. A dedicated place to the Process of Design Squiggle because it turns out that it’s been spotted in dozens of different places, is used by many more people than we know about, and so we’d like to promote those. Here.

The Design Process Squiggle

So if you’ve used the Design Squiggle, or seen it in action, send us a photo and the credit we can put with it. And we’ll drop it on the site. Right now, we have versions of it in books, on web sites, on T shirts, in wood, on someone’s forearm… and so on.

Send submissions to our hello email address. We look forward to seeing them. And from time to time, if we really enjoy your usage of it, we’ll be in touch about sending you a T Shirt.