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Just bought @Mike_FTW‘s “Design Is a Job”. On my phone. Reading it in iBook. That’s awesome. Looking forward to it.

Tweeted on April 11, 2012

Nice short insightful piece from former colleague Laura Weiss over on @DesignObserver about Woody Allen:

Tweeted on April 06, 2012

Have you seen this? Awesome. Via the fantastic @fvonf

Tweeted on April 05, 2012

@IDEOorg your new site is down – got an application error…

Tweeted on April 04, 2012

I miss it too: “I am talking about the art of verbal abuse, a mainstay of English life” From:

Tweeted on March 24, 2012

Nicely done, a Penrose Triangle inspired typeface: #family

Tweeted on March 23, 2012

Put Alan Turing on the next

Tweeted on March 21, 2012

So that was my first experience of a co. helping to solve my (a customer’s) problem. @VirginAmerica DM’d me with a solution. Dang. Awesome.

Tweeted on March 20, 2012

its convenient how when trying to add miles from past trips @virginamerica website suddenly doesn’t work. Thanks guys.

Tweeted on March 20, 2012

Who else has been reading @jkottke site for more than ten years? Happy 14th Birthday

Tweeted on March 14, 2012